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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Florida Beach Days

Greetings from sunny Florida. It has been a long week and there is nothing like a nice and relaxing day at the beach. That is just what my husband and I decided to do today, partly due to a requirement for us to be there for his squadron's annual beach bash. The sun was shining and the breeze was just right. The skies were bright and people were having a good time all in the name of the Air Force.

 My husband is the more outgoing one so he talked to a lot of his coworkers while I looked at other baking blogs on my phone and thought of what recipe I am going to make next. Here is my husband on our way out to the beach smiling like always. You can see me taking his picture in the right lens of his sunglasses. Pretty cool right???

Here I am as we walked along the beach talking and taking in our surroundings. Kids were in their cute bathing suits, while adults soaked up the sun under a giant umbrella or enjoying a good book.  Just being near the water made me happy and smile.

 This is a picture that LaPaul drew in the sand. It says LaPaul loves Chineka. I hope that everyone is having a blessed week so far and stay tuned tomorrow for Feature Fridays.

Savor the Baking,

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