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Thursday, June 28, 2012

DIY-Decorating Tips Organization

Did you ever want to find a way to organize all of your decorating tips in one place? These metal tips are very important in the cake decorating world. They can also easily be misplaced. I have found a cute way to organize all of the decorating tips. All you need is a plain canister in the color of your choice and some transferable stickers. I chose a clear canister because I thought it would be cool to see all of the decorating tips.

The stickers that I used are from American Crafts. These are rub on transfers. They are seamless so they look like they already belong on the surface that you put them on. I chose these stickers because relate to baking in a lot of ways with all of the love and sweet phrases. I also like the color scheme of these stickers.

Here is a top view of the canister. I combined two stickers to put the phrase sweet love on top because baking is the definition of sweet love. Confectionery masterpieces are sweet and made with love from the baker.

Here are a few of my decorating tips that are already in the canister. I hope that this idea has helped you with organizing your decorating tips. What are some ways that you organize your decorating tips? Comment below.

Savor the Baking,


  1. Great idea! I am a neat freak, but baking & cooking tools can definitely get out of conrol if you don't find a way to keep them organized. I keep mine in a Wilton decorator's box (my husband calls it the "tackle box" because it looks like it would belong to a girly fisherman!. Your method is just as good & I love that it gives your kitchen a personal touch! :)

  2. Thanks do much. I have to have things organized also.I have seen the new Wilton's decorator boxes. They have purple on them now so they are a little more girly 8-)