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Monday, April 15, 2013

My Top 5 Favorite Blogs: Spring Edition

I read a variety of blogs in various subjects other than cake decorating and baking. Home decor, fashion, and organization are also some things that I love to read about. I get a lot of inspiration and ideas from the blogs below. These blogs are currently my favorite at the moment.


1. I Heart Organizing


IHeart Organizing is a blog all about organizing. It offers great and simple tips on cost efficient ways to keep your home clutter free and has a lot of great DIY projects. Check this blog out for all of your organization needs.



2. Savor Home


Savor Home is a blog that is all things home decor. Some beautiful styling and home decor can be found on this blog. From everyday living rooms to cozy bathrooms, you will find inspiration for home design on this blog.



3. Made By Girl

From fashion to food, MadeByGirl is a blog that talks about a little of everything. Everytime that I go to this blog I feel like I am reading a magazine. The pictures are awesome and the contributors each add something special to this blog.



4. Keeping It Cozy

Keeping It Cozy is a blog that offers a lot of how to's and DIY for home decor. From decorating pillows to painting cabinets, I find a lot of neat and thrifty things to do around the house, which looked like you paid a lot for them. I always find something new to try on this blog.



5. A Cup of Joe

Another blog that has many of my interests on it is A CUP OF JO. From fashion to relationships, former magazine writer, Joanna Goddard, covers it all. I also enjoy reading about her everyday adventures.


What are currently some of your favorite blogs? I hope that you visit some of the blogs above. If you do, let me know what you think of them.



Savor The Baking,



Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cake Design Inspiration : Seahorse Sweets

Photo by Seahorse Sweets

This weeks cake design inspiration comes from Seahorse Sweets .When I saw this cake I fell in love with it. Anyone who knows me can say that I love Cookie Monster, and always have, even as a child.

The cookies that Cookie Monster is piled on look so real. They look like they are fresh out of the oven with that fresh baked smell. In my opinion, Cookie Monster couldn't look any better while holding his giant cookie. The cookie smash cake is also a cute and unique touch.

Seahorse Sweets is based in Nova Scotia, Canada. They have tons on unique and amazing cakes on their Facebook page so go check them out.

Savor The Baking,

Friday, April 5, 2013

Feature Fridays: Moving To Seattle



This month of April will be a hectic, but fun one for me. Anxiety is creeping in and my organizing nature is being thrown off due to having to rearrange a quite a few things in my schedule. I have never used an eraser in my planner I will soon be in the process of moving to Seattle due to the Air Force. The move is coming faster than I expected with the movers coming next Tuesday. Ahhh!!!! There aren't enough hours in the day for me to prepare. LaPaul (my husband) and I will be leaving Florida mid April to not only go to Seattle, but to visit Los Angeles for a few weeks on a work related trip.



With the upcoming move I will still be posting on this blog, which I love, but I may only be posting two to three times a week until I get settled again. I am trying to schedule as many blog posts as I can ahead of time so they will already be planned ahead.



I have been in North Carolina for half of the week visiting family on a last minute vacation before the big move. I have finally got to have real sweet tea again without having to make it myself. While I have come to love the part of Florida that we are currently stationed in I am looking forward to moving due to a few sweet factors. I have heard that the foodie culture is Seattle is huge (a big plus for me) as well as the amount of good and quality bakeries, cake shops, and pie shops. I plan to do a series on these things when I get acquainted with the area.



I hope that everyone has a great weekend. What are your plans?


Savor The Baking,



Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cake Design Inspiration: Margaret Braun

Photo by Margaret Braun



My cake design inspiration this week comes from Margaret Braun. Margaret has a style like no other cake artist of today.The first time that I saw one of her cakes I was awed with how the design was both elegant and clean. She pushes the boundaries of cake decorating in design and patterns. Her cakes are ornate and very detailed, like the cake pictured above.



Margaret has appeared on several cake decorating shows and even has a cake decorating book named Cake Walk, which is a best seller. Her work has been featured in many magazines, such as Bride's and Food and Wine.



For more information on Margaret Braun and her cakes visit her website.



Savor The Baking,




Monday, April 1, 2013

Best Friends For Frosting Contributor



Happy April Everyone!!! I hope that you all had a great weekend. I have exciting news to share with you all that has been in the works since last month. Beginning this month I will be a contributor for the online dessert magazine, Best Friends For Frosting.


I welcome this opportunity since I love desserts and I love writing equally. In fact one of my writing goals is to write for a print magazine, and this is a great start. Best Friends For Frosting is the website to go to for all things dessert where you will find inspiration and creativity flourish. From Pinterest crushes to interviews there is something on this website for everyone.


This month I will be answering questions concerning baking that the public wants to know as well as writing roundups on various subjects. I am excited about this writing opportunity and look forward to contributing to the website.


Be on the lookout this month for my writings and I hope that you all have a great week.



Savor The Baking,