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Friday, April 5, 2013

Feature Fridays: Moving To Seattle



This month of April will be a hectic, but fun one for me. Anxiety is creeping in and my organizing nature is being thrown off due to having to rearrange a quite a few things in my schedule. I have never used an eraser in my planner I will soon be in the process of moving to Seattle due to the Air Force. The move is coming faster than I expected with the movers coming next Tuesday. Ahhh!!!! There aren't enough hours in the day for me to prepare. LaPaul (my husband) and I will be leaving Florida mid April to not only go to Seattle, but to visit Los Angeles for a few weeks on a work related trip.



With the upcoming move I will still be posting on this blog, which I love, but I may only be posting two to three times a week until I get settled again. I am trying to schedule as many blog posts as I can ahead of time so they will already be planned ahead.



I have been in North Carolina for half of the week visiting family on a last minute vacation before the big move. I have finally got to have real sweet tea again without having to make it myself. While I have come to love the part of Florida that we are currently stationed in I am looking forward to moving due to a few sweet factors. I have heard that the foodie culture is Seattle is huge (a big plus for me) as well as the amount of good and quality bakeries, cake shops, and pie shops. I plan to do a series on these things when I get acquainted with the area.



I hope that everyone has a great weekend. What are your plans?


Savor The Baking,




  1. All the best in your new endeavors...much blessings to you and your husband :)

  2. Good luck with your move! I've always wanted to live in Seattle (or at least visit first!)

    1. Thanks Amy. From what I've seen online it seems to be a cool place to live.