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Monday, July 23, 2012

Bakery Inspired Candles

Candles make your surroundings feel warm and cozy. I also love the light that they give off when you read a good book before bed. They are even better when they smell like baked goods. I call these bakery inspired candles. Three of my favorite candles remind me of being in a bakery with fresh baked goods hot out of the oven. Yankee Candle-vanilla cupcake, Slatkin & Co. - apple crumble, and Scent portfolio are three of my favorite scents.



Yankee Candle-vanilla cupcake is a light fragranced candle that smells like a vanilla cupcake and even a sour cream pound cake. Put this candle on in your residence and it will make you want a piece of cake. This candle smell also reminds me of Yankee Candle - buttercream. This candle has an approximate burn time of 110-150 hours. I can tell you that I have burned this candle for about 60 hours and I still have half of the candle left. This was my first Yankee Candle and it is my favorite.


Red velvet is one of my favorite cakes and this candle, Scent Portfolio- Red Velvet Cupcake, smells like a moist red velvet cake . It is also a soy candle. I instantly loved this candle when I first smelled it in Target. This candle has a burn time of approximately 50 hours so I would grab two candles at a time if you like the way that it smells. Aside from the lovely smell of the candle the color is a beautiful cranberry/cherry red.



This last candle is Slatkin & Co - Apple Crumble. This candle smells like a fresh baked apple pie. The burn time is between 40-65 hours. These candles are sold at Bath and Body Works for $20. During semi-annual sales at Bath and Body works and certain times of the year these candles are 2 for $20, which is an even greater deal. Different scents come out at different seasons of the year so if you like a scent during a particular season get a couple of them.


What is your favorite bakery inspired candle?

Savor the Baking,



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