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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Elmo and Lessons Learned: fur and black fondant

Today I made an Elmo out of a mixture of Gumpaste and fondant. I wanted to make him today since it stormed outside all day and my plans of going to the beach were ruined. I figured that I would take the time to sculpt Elmo. This would be great for a cake topper. Elmo is after all holding a 1.

Elmo wasn't as hard to sculpt as I thought he would be. You have to get the shape of this head just right. It's the shape of a football with soft edges. I learned a new technique for creating fur on figures. I used a Wilton 233 grass tip to create Elmo's fur. It is a much easier technique than using to the pointer tool in the Wilton gumpaste tool kit.

I also learned how to make black fondant thanks to my husband. I had to use it for Elmo's eyes and mouth. After being unsuccessful on my own he mixed some Wilton gel colors together and came up with the perfect mix for black fondant. This mixture can also be used on Gumpaste.

The mixture is as follows:

  • Start by making red fondant. I recommend using no-taste red Wilton gel color.
  • Add a lot of violet Wilton gel color to it
  • Add a quarter sized amount of brown Wilton gel color to it. You will get a dark maroon color at this point.
  • Add a lot of teal Wilton gel color to it and a little more violet Wilton gel color if needed.
I hope that this blog posts has helped you to find an easier technique for fur and a way to make black fondant. I know it is sometimes not easily accessible in craft stores, since it is one of the first colors to be bought.


I will be making a cookie monster next. He is my favorite sesame street character. Me want


I hope that you all are having a blessed weekend. What are some of your favorite (DIY) techniques to use when it comes to making figures?

Savor the Baking,


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