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Friday, August 24, 2012

Feature Fridays: Gumpaste Carnation Tutorial

For this feature Friday I thought that I would do something that I've never done before on this blog, a tutorial. A carnation can be a difficult flower to mold and create with Gumpaste, but I have a fairly easy way to create them. I learned how to do these carnations through a Gumpaste carnation tutorial at Let's get started on the tutorial.

1) Form a dime sized ball out of Gumpaste and stick half of a # 5 noodle through it. Let the Gumpaste dry until it is hard. This will serve as the base for the carnation.

2) Roll out Gumpaste until it is almost paper thin (you should be able to slightly see through it) and using a small to medium scalloped circle cutter to cut 5 circles out.

3) Cut slits every 3 scallops until you have completely went around all 5 circles.

4) Using a toothpick and your index finger go around each petal of the 5 circles. They should be slightly curled.

5) With 1 circle put a little water or gum glue adhesive in the middle and thread the spaghetti noodle through it. Place the petals around the base until it can no longer be seen.

6) Take the remaining petals and thread them one by one around the base allowing the petals to look as if they are getting further and further from the base each time.

7) When the finished carnation starts to get hard I put them upside down in a flower former. This allows them to keep their shape better.

This should be what your finished product looks like. Adding leaves and stems to the carnation is optional. I hope that you have enjoyed this tutorial and that you learned a lot from it. Have a blessed weekend.

Savor The Baking,


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