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Friday, August 17, 2012

Feature Fridays: Purple Ombré Petal Cake


Today I wanted to decorate a cake that was feminine and pretty. Purple is one my favorite colors so I decided to make an ombré petal cake with different shades of purple incorporated. Since I was making this cake for just me and my husband a 2 tier 6 inch cake would be enough for us.

The top layer of the cake was chocolate pecan, while the bottom layer was red velvet cake. I like the contrast of both of the colors. These two flavors taste great paired together. After all red velvet cake is nothing but a light chocolate cake that is red.

Using American buttercream I piped an ombré pattern from the bottom and moved my way to the top. A dark purple starts the pattern with lavender in the middle and white at the top. The idea is for the purple to fade into the white. I think that this looks so pretty and classic.

To go along with the petal theme I decided to pipe the petals on top of the cake in the shape of a flower continuing with the ombré effect. I even put a little fondant purple flower in the middle.

I really enjoyed making this cake. Although all of the petals can be time consuming to pipe the work was well worth it when it comes to the end result.

I hope that everyone has a blessed weekend. What are you planning to bake this weekend?

Savor The Baking,




  1. Oh my goodness, you are really doing a great job with your piping! This cake looks gorgeous! What a lucky hubby to have such fancy desserts made to share with his wife. :)

    1. Thanks so much. I am really learning all that I can through blogs, YouTube, and practice. The husband really enjoyed the cake as well as I 8-)

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