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Friday, October 5, 2012

Feature Fridays: Upcoming October 2012 Projects

I have two very exciting and special upcoming projects to share with you. One is related to Breast Cancer Awareness and one is related to Halloween. These are the sketches that are related to both of the projects. I hope that you enjoy this blog post and that it will inspire you to give back in the month of October.

One of my goals for this month was to donate baked goods to a Breast Cancer Awareness event in my area and I am excited to say that I have met that goal. On October 27th , 2012 I will be donating cupcakes to a Breast Cancer Awareness walk that will have over 1,000 participants. Along with the cupcakes on my display table I will be making two gumpaste figures wearing clothes that are promoting Breast Cancer Awareness.

The sketch above is of the two outfits that I will be putting on my gumpaste figures. I wanted one of the outfits to have a more relaxed feel to it so I thought that a simple shirt and some capris with the breast cancer awareness ribbon would be cute. The second outfit is more dressy with a pink pencil skirt and a tank top with feminine details. I will be posting both of the figures in a blog post when they are complete.

The second project of the month that I will be donating to is for the Church that I attend. On Halloween they will be having a Trunk or Treat where people will decorate their trunks and dress up for Halloween to give candy to Trick or Treaters. If you haven't heard of Trunk or Treat before,like me, there are some great ideas on Pinterest.

Along with the Trunk or Treat event my Church will also be having a cake auction. I will be donating a decorated cake for that. Above is a sketch of what I want the cake to look like. There may be some changes with the finished product, but very few. All of the decorations will be made of fondant except for the bear cake topper. That will be made of gumpaste. I will have a blog post with the finished product.

Are there any events that you are donating to or participating in this month? I hope that you have a blessed weekend.

Savor the Baking,


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