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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cake Fu Masters Series with Elizabeth Marek

Today I learned how to make a very cute Christmas Elf out of fondant with the help of Mastering The Art of Sugar | CakeFu and Elizabeth Marek of Artisan Cake Company. While being cozy on the couch and with my trusty iPad I was given detailed instructions by video and by Elizabeth Marek guiding me through the process. Best off all this instruction was free, which is always good. You can never learn enough, especially in the world of cake decorating.

Elizabeth taught how to make this elf. I just love her candy cane striped tights and her think outside of the box hair. The wrapped present gives the figure an extra special touch along with the littlest details on the bow. The boots are cute also.

One thing that I really loved about Elizabeth's instruction was that she provided everything that you would need to succeed in making this elf. Above are pictures of the colors of fondant and tools that are needed. I also like that these are tools that any cake decorator should already have in their cake supplies.

As with any class that I take I took down a few notes, including the recipe that Elizabeth uses for fondant. It is a mixture of marshmallow fondant and Wilton white fondant. Just by watching her work I can already tell that this fondant mix is easy to blend and not easy to crack.


For those of you who missed this class and are interested in making the Christmas Elf, Elizabeth has put the whole tutorial on her YouTube channel. The Christmas Elf tutorial is also above. I hope that you all enjoy the tutorial. You will learn a lot from Elizabeth. I have learned so much from watching her YouTube videos. I hope that everyone is having a blessed week.

Savor the Baking,


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