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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Eat Boutique - Joy The Baker Gift Box


Eat Boutique is a website that puts together specialty gift boxes for food lovers. They carefully pick items from boutique food makers to put in their boxes. Their food is packed in small batches and is always fresh. I sent myself a gift box as a Christmas present to myself and I am glad that I ordered it.



The particular gift box that I ordered is the Joy the Baker Gift Box. One of the main reasons that I ordered this gift box is because it comes with a signed copy of a cookbook ,the Joy the Baker – Cookbook, which is written by one of my favorite baking bloggers. Since I haven't been able to make it to one of her cookbook signings this is the next best thing. Joy signed my book, "Big love to you! xo Joy"



I was excited to get this Grade A maple syrup to bake with. It will go great in biscuits or even buttercream. This bottle of maple syrup comes from the maple trees of Sweet Brook Farm in Williamston, Massachusetts. You know that it is going to be fresh and rich coming straight from a maple tree.




I love anything with caramel in it and this cute little box contains three specially made caramels from Sweet Revolution in San Francisco, CA. These are some of the best homemade caramels that you will ever eat. I love the handmade seal on the box, which puts a crafty and personal element to the caramels.



This homemade granola is healthy and fresh from Marge Granola in Seattle, Washington. It is great eaten alone or with vanilla flavored yogurt. This granola comes with ingredients such as cinnamon, cranberries, and pecans. I will be eating this as a quick breakfast in the morning.



I hope that you check out the gift boxes and specialty boxes that Eat Boutique has to offer and that you have enjoyed my review of one of their gift boxes. I hope that you all are having a blessed week.

Savor the Baking,





  1. This looks like a great gift! I'd be happy to open this up.

  2. i always tell my friends and family that if they can't decide what to get me for christmas or my birthday, just make sure it's edible. :)

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