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Friday, December 14, 2012

Feature Fridays: 2012 Sugar Flower Artist Inspirations

I love making sugar flowers. From the paste to the process of ruffling petals and assembling arrangements it has become one of the things involving cake decorating that I love to do most. The creativity involved and art aspect of sugar flowers really makes me happy and there is a peacefulness that is involved. Below are my sugar flower artist inspirations of the year. These artists all inspire me in different ways.


Maggie Austin


Maggie Austin of Maggie Austin Cake is one of my sugar flower artist inspirations for not being afraid to think outside the box with exotic flowers and bold color schemes. As a former classical ballet dancer, she is graceful and has the discipline that it takes to make sugar flowers. I also like that she is someone that I can relate to with us having similar quiet and focused personalities.




This is one of the exotic orchids that Maggie has done. You can feel the breeze of a tropical island just by looking at this flowers. This flower is also hand painted, which gives it an authentic look. The purple pops against the yellow and the colors compliment each other well.




This is a sugar flower spray done by Maggie. The hibiscus and roses are my favorite sugar flowers of the bunch. The hibiscus is so delicate and I love how the color is the most concentrated in the middle. The ruffled edges of the rose petals gives the flower movement. I love the color scheme of soft peaches and pinks.


Ron Ben-Israel


Ron Ben-Israel of Ron Ben-Israel Cakes is a legend in the cake decorating world. He is one of my sugar flower artist inspirations for being bold and fearless. His sugar flowers are breathtaking and he is internationally known for them. He puts love and patience into all of his sugar flowers and it shows.



This is one of Ron-Ben Israel's sugar flower sprays. The variety of flowers is amazing in itself from ranunculus, roses, and parrot tulips. They remind me of a beautiful botanical garden. The color scheme is mostly warm colors with a touch of cool colors in it. His flowers looks so life like that they are truly art.



Here is one of Ron Ben- Israel's roses up close. One thing that sticks out to me is the vibrant red color. This rose looks like it has been freshly picked from an exclusive rose garden. I love the frayed edges.


Jacqueline Butler

Jacqueline Butler of The Petalsweet Blog is known for her sophisticated sugar flowers with a modern flair. She is one of my sugar flower artist inspirations for her subtle colors schemes and her delicate flowers selections. In my opinion, she has some of the best sugar flower buds in the business.



This is one of Jacqueline's sugar bouquet's. Her signature buds compliment the hydrangea's and filler flowers perfectly. The pale green paste is also one of her signature colors and one of the reasons why I love her work. Her color schemes are subtle, but her detailed work speaks for itself.



Here are some of Jacqueline's roses. I love how they are pink in the center and slightly dusted on the edges. The buds have a hint of yellow at the base to bring them out and the filler flowers are so dainty.

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post and that you have a blessed weekend. Who are some of the sugar flower artists that inspire you?


Savor the Baking,



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