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Monday, January 28, 2013

Highland Bakery Visit


While visiting my Aunt and Uncle who live near Atlanta Georgia I decided to stop by Highland Bakery along with LaPaul and my Uncle. The bakery is known for their custom cakes and the people in the cake decorating world who work there. Karen Portaleo and Joshua John Russel are great cake decorators as well as sugar sculptors who have made a name for this bakery. They weren't there when I visited. My DSLR battery needed to be charged so all of these pictures were taken with my iPhone.



Besides cupcakes and other baked goods the bakery also makes an assortment of fresh breads and espresso drinks. My Uncle got their jalapeño fecocia bread and that looked delicious. Above is an assortment of baked goods, which are in their cases.



Here is Highland Bakeries business card and catering menu. As for cupcakes they come in large and mini sizes. These are pictures of their red velvet cupcakes in both sizes. A cream cheese frosting tops the cupcakes with red velvet crumbs adding texture.



There is also a side to the bakery where you can order all sorts of food. I ordered the crab cake burger. It was pretty good with fresh lumps of crab meat throughout the burger. The atmosphere was very comfortable and welcoming.





Here is LaPaul and I outside of Highland Bakery. I'm glad that I got to visit one of the bakeries that I wanted to specifically see in Atlanta, Georgia. I hope that you all have enjoyed this blog post.


Savor the Baking,




  1. sprinkles make everything more beautiful and appealing--that's a rule. :)