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Monday, February 4, 2013

International Sugar Art Collection and School of Sugar Art Part 2: Cake and Sugar Art Displays

The International Sugar Arts Collection by Nicholas Lodge has tons of cake and sugar art displays. I took a lot of pictures and even got to take pictures of cakes that Nicholas Lodge decorated in his classroom the day before I visited. The many display cases and individual displays made it feel like you were in a sugar art museum. It's amazing what you can great with a little gumpaste and imagination. The possibilities are endless and Nicholas Lodge has a lot of creativity. Part 1 of this blog post series can be found here.



In the studio where Nicholas Lodge teaches his classes the cakes that he demonstrated from the royal icing class where still on his work table. The two cakes above show how versatile royal icing can be as a medium in cake decorating. The piping is so smooth and the string work is flawless.



This is a replica of the cake that Nicholas Lodge created for Keegan Stewarts wedding along with the photo of Nicholas Lodge, Keegan Stewart, and his wife. I love how the barrel looks so authentic and I love how the royal icing embroidery on the side adds an extra special touch.




These were two of the gumpaste creations that were in the display cases that I was most impressed with. The bacon, eggs, and toast look so real and they were made out of gumpaste. Even the stripes and curl of the bacon make it seem like it was fresh out of a skilltet. The two shoes looked great and they looked great in the display case. The leopard print was spot on.



These were two of the main display cases. The sugar flowers display case represented all of the different sugar flower classes that Nicholas Lodge offers. All types of sugar flowers were in this display case. They were really nice to see.

The cakes display case were cakes done by Nicholas Lodge. I liked seeing the different styles of cake and how polka dots and stripes can make a difference on a cake.


I hope that you all have a blessed week and that you enjoyed this blog post. There are many more displays to see at the International Sugar Art Collection, but I just showed a variety of them for you to see.


Savor the Baking,







  1. gumpaste is magical--that breakfast plate looks so incredible!

    1. I know it really is. The breakfast plate was one of my favorites.