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Monday, March 25, 2013

Birthday Bear Cake Topper



Last week I sculpted a cake topper for a friend whose son was turning one. I was given a picture of a bear on a napkin to go by. This is the cake topper that I was able to come up with.





After sculpting the body and legs of the bear out of gumpaste and allowing them to fully dry then I started to add the details. I used a small ball tool to make the belly button of the bear. This adds a cute touch. For the paws of the bears legs I used a tip 7 to make the circles.





Here is a closeup of the paws. This added another dimension to the bear and gave it more of a stuffed animal look.





I added some non-toxic chalk to the inside of the belly button. This adds some extra color to the overall body. You can also see the star that I embossed into the inside of the shirt. A balloon was the final touch to the cake topper. I sculpted a balloon and inserted a floral wire in order to attach it to the bear.


The cake topper went on a smash cake and it looked so cute. I was unable to take a picture of it at the birthday party because I was recording the event so the parents will have it to look back on.


Have a great week everyone.


Savor The Baking,



  1. Oh my what a talented person you are to make this cute bear! I could try forever but would not be able to do what you did so beautifully. The detail is amazing! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    1. Hi Shannon,

      Thanks so much. I will be stopping by your blog mor often. Interior Design is another area that I am interested in.

  2. You are a very talented person.As an interior designer and event planner, I love your work.

    I am a new follower of your blog.

    I am hosting a Linky Blog Hop starting today about home organizing. April is Spring cleaning month and I want everyone to link up their home organization blog post. This will run throughout the whole month of April to give you time. Add yours now:

    Have a great Tuesday! :)

    1. Thanks Khloe. Interior design and event planning are great and speak to the organizer within me, I'm glad that you are now following my blog. :-) I will be adding one of my older organization posts to your blog. Thanks for the invite.