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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Favorite Cake Decorating Tips

Cake decorating tips are the paint brushes of the cake artist. Each one has a different purpose and can add different effects to a cake. There are many different brands of cake decorating tips on the market, but today I will be showing you tips by Wilton . These are some of my favorite cake decorating tips and the ones that I use the most.

Tip 1A

Tip 1A is great for building dams for fillings to go in between layers of cake. A dam is a circle of icing inside the edge of a cake.

Tip 2A

Tip 2A is great for making simple frosting swirls. Think of the signature swirl on a Georgetown Cupcake when you want to use this tip. This tip is a great way to dress up a cupcake.

Tip 352

Tip 352 is a great tip to make leaves. This tip is great to accent buttercream roses or to make a rose vine.

Tip 32

Tip 32 is a great star tip to use for borders. It can also make a nice shell border.

Tip 47

This tip is the best basketweave tip. If you want the buttercream to be smooth the flat side goes up and if you want the buttercream to be ribbed the ribbed side goes up.

Tip 104

For the best buttercream roses tip 104 is what I use. It makes the perfect medium rose.

Tip 1M

Making a rose swirl on top of a cupcake or when making a rose cake can be done with tip 1M.

I hope that this post gave you some new ideas on how to decorate cakes by using different cake decorating tips.

Savor The Baking,


  1. I have a thing for tips, have lots of them. great post and info.

    1. Thanks. We can never have enough I can always find a use for one even in figure modeling.

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