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Friday, March 29, 2013

Feature Fridays: March 2013 Favorites



Spring is here and another month has come and gone. I have a lot of cool favorites for this month to share with you and I hope that you find inspiration in them.



1. Jeep Liberty Limited 2010

My first favorite is one of my most loved favorites of the month. LaPaul and I got a new vehicle early in the month and I love it. This will be my vehicle to drive. I used to drive a 2006 Jeep Liberty before I got married , but that is a long story that I won't bore you with. This Jeep has everything that I wanted on my checklist in a vehicle with some of the things including leather seats and Bluetooth. I am enjoying this Jeep and am glad to get back to that Jeep feeling. LaPaul and I will be taking it on our first road trip next week.



2. Personalized Bakers Charm

I blogged about this charm earlier this month and I have worn it everyday. It's a charm that is unique and I love how it can be tailored to your interests. To learn more about it read my blog post.



3. Eye-Fi Camera Card

This camera card has made blogging and editing pictures a whole lot easier. By placing this card in your camera you can wirelessly transmit photos to any device such as an iPad, iPhone, or to your computer. Since I purchased this card I have been loving it. This card was a pain to configure, but it was all worth it in the end. For more information on this camera card go here.



4. Sweet Revolution Caramels

Anyone that knows me knows that I love caramel. If a dessert has caramel in it then I am sold. These Sweet Revolution Caramels are the most pure and organic caramels that you will ever eat. I tried the maple honey caramels and you can taste the pure maple with every bite. These caramels will not disappoint.



5. I Love Cake PocketBac

I love carrying hand sanitizer with me and when they smell yummy that makes it even better. The PocketBacs from Bath & Body Works are perfect for putting on your keychain or slipping in the side pocket of your purse. They are always 5 for $5 so you can't beat the price. My favorite PocketBac is I Love Cake which smells like a slice of cake right out of the oven.



I hope that you all have a great weekend and have enjoyed my March 2013 favorites. What were some of your favorites for the month?


Savor The Baking,




  1. I need to check out those eye-fi cards! Thanks for the head up!

    1. You're welcome. The eye-fi cards are definitely worth the investment.