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Monday, March 11, 2013

My Top 5 Cake Decorating Apps

Being the technology savvy person that I am, I use a lot of cake decorating apps. They come in handy to simplify most things and I like how they are portable. Most of these apps can be accessed via iPad and iPhone.



iHandy Level

For those of you who use a leveler in cake decorating to make sure that your cake is not crooked the iHandy Level app comes in handy. This app is only on the iPhone. When using it for cake decorating I put a piece of plastic wrap to cover the cake. Calibrating the leveler is easy and quick.



Tiered Caker


I use the TieredCaker app for a lot of things. This app calculates the tier servings you need based on the number of servings that your client needs. It also provides cutting guides that you can email or print. If you want to price your cakes based on servings this app is capable of that too. A servings chart for different cake shapes makes it easy to tell clients possible combinations that they can choose from. This app is available on the iPad and iPhone.



Sheet Caker

If you have to decorate a sheet cake the SheetCaker app is another app to use. This app does most of the things that the Tiered Caker app does. Both apps are owned by the same company, Calculated Cakes. This app is available on the iPad and iPhone.



Cost A Cake

Cost A Cake allows you to figure out how much you should charge for a cake, based on things like ingredients and costs. How to guides are also on the app for making modelling chocolate, covering a cake with fondant, and using tylose powder. This app is available on the iPad and iPhone.



Cake Central

Cake Central is not an app, but I have put the website as an app on the homescreen of my iPad and iPhone. This website is the number one cake decorating site and forum. If you have any issues or questions about cake decorating this is the website to go to.



Bonus App: Craftsy


The Craftsy app is convenient for accessing all of the cake decorating classes that I am taking. I can access them through this app that I have on my iPad and iPhone. This is nice when I am traveling and don't have access to my computer.


What cake decorating apps do you use? I hope that you all are having a great week.


Savor The Baking,





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