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Monday, July 1, 2013

Measuring Equivalent Chart Ideas



When it comes to baking you don't have time to think of all of the conversions and equivalents. This is where the internet comes in. Around the web there are a variety of measuring equivalent chart ideas. From print outs to chalkboard cabinets I am going to show you a few different ways that you can have a chart in your kitchen.


Via Printables 4 Mom



Printables 4 Mom has a free measuring equivalent chart above. I place this on the side on my refrigerator for easy access. The fact that it is shaped like a like a milk bottle is really cute to me.



Via The Decal Store



Decal Store has a vinyl sticker that you can place write on your kitchen wall. The good news is that this is easily removable and can be reused if you decide to move it. This is a neat idea.



Via Pinterest/ Infarrantly Creative


I originally found this measuring conversion chart on Pinterest, but after a little research I found the original website. Step by step instructions for this creative project can be found on Infarrantly Creative . I love how there are hooks for the measuring spoons and cups to go. That is a great use of space and organization.


I hope that I have inspired you around your kitchen and made baking a little easier for you with this post.


Savor the Baking,




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