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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cookbooks:The Heartbeat of the Kitchen

Cookbooks and the recipes they carry are the heartbeat of the kitchen. Without them many of us wouldn't know how much to measure or how long to bake a sweet treat. My favorite cookbook is one that is tried and true and has been around for many generations in my family and I'm sure in a few of your kitchens. It' is the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook. They even have an app for the iPhone. I will make a blog post on that later in the week.

There are so many things that I love about this cookbook from the clear instructions to one very important part that many cookbooks of today don't have, a conversion chart and an emergency substitution reference. These very important details are located on the back flap of the book.

I also like how the different sections have tabs. Some of the sections include cakes, pies, and appetizers.

You can even add your own recipes to  the cookbook by simply hole punching and inserting them.

Let me know what your favorite cookbooks are in the comments below. I can be reached at

Savor the Baking,


  1. I'm pretty sure my mom had this cookbook because seeing it's cover made me immediately think of my childhood. Is there anything better than a well-worn cookbook {complete with splatters on the pages and crumbs in the spine}? If I ever start collecting anything, I think it might have to be vintage cookbooks & kitchen paraphernalia. :)

    1. lol....Thanks. I agree the messier the cookbook the better. I don't have many cookbooks, but I do have quite a collection of cooking and baking magazines. I guess they have become the modern cookbook. Have a blessed week.