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Friday, July 27, 2012

Feature Fridays: Cake Sketch and Sketchbook Pro for iPad

I have a cake to decorate for a client next week so I wanted to share the cake sketch that I did with you. This isn't your traditional paper and pen sketch. This is digital and I had a lot of fun drawing it. This sketch was all done digitally with a great sketchbook app that I discovered for the iPad.

The app is called Autodesk Sketchbook Pro. It's like having all of the art utensils that you'll ever need inside of your iPad. All of the colors and paintbrushes that you'll ever need are in this app. You can also make certain shapes that you need and place words in different positions and fonts wherever you need them.


This is what the app looks like when you open you iPad. Your main drawing tools are on the left side, but there are more if you hold a tool down. I have showed you what each of the main tools look like in the order that you see them from pencil, to airbrush, and paint. You can even choose how wide you want the paint strokes to be using the brush properties wheel in the middle. There are an endless variety of painting styles that you can use with this app.


On the right side there are standard colors that you choose from. You can even open up a color wheel to choose a specific color that you want to use. Below the color wheel you can mix a variety of colors by using the three slides to create a custom color.

I have only outlined a few of the great features of this app, but you will not be disappointed. The app is $5 to purchase, but that is a small fee to pay for this versatile app. Let me know if you but this app and how you like it.

Have a blessed weekend.

Savor the Baking,



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