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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cake Fu Masters Series: Paul Joachim

Yesterday I took a free online class with CakeFu. This class was with Paul Joachim who is known for sculpting life size figures out of cake. In this class he showed the participants how he sculpts his life size figures. I took a few screen shots of my iPad while the class was going on to show you all what was learned



This was the pose that was going to be sculpted out of cake. Paul thoroughly measures all of the angles so he knows how to make his armature. He uses simple tools to measure the angles and widths in the pose. A tailors measuring tape and a bendable ruler, which can be found in the drafting section of your local craft store, are the tools that Paul uses.



Here is the pose next to the armature that Paul made out of PVC pipe and other materials. This will act as the foundation and interior structure of the cake. It's cool, how you can already imagine the life sized structure just by looking at the armature.



The model is posing next to Paul's completed structure made out of cake, ganache, and modeling chocolate. It looks so real and all of the angles are so accurate down to the pointed foot. The bottom picture is Paul actually cutting into the cake to serve it at a yoga party.



I am excited to see that Paul will be teaching a class at the International Cake Exploration Societé convention this year. The class should be fun and informative. For more information on Paul Joachim and the cakes that he sculpts visit Art Edibles .

I hope that you all have enjoyed this blog post and learned a little something from Paul Joachim.


Savor the Baking,







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