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Friday, January 11, 2013

Feature Fridays: Crusting Cream Cheese Frosting

I hope everyone has had a great week so far. I wanted to share with you an awesome recipe, which I am currently using for a cake. This recipe is a cream cheese frosting, but the cool thing about it is that it crusts just like a buttercream. With that being said if you wanted to use a frosting different than buttercream this would be it.


This recipe comes from Edna De La Cruz at Design Me A Cake. Edna is well known in the cake decorating world for her elaborate cakes and her beautiful sugar flowers.

Crusting Cream Cheese Frosting

From: Design Me A Cake



1/2 cup of shortening

1/2 cup (one stick) unsalted butter @ room temp

1 8oz bar cream cheese @ room temp

1 tblsp white vanilla extract

2 lbs sifted powder sugar

1/2 tsp salt



1. Cream together shortening, butter, and cream cheese until nice and smooth.

2. Add vanilla into mixture and combine.

3. Sift together sugar and salt, and slowly add to shortening, butter & cheese mixture. Make sure that all sugar is incorporated. Enjoy!

*If to stiff of a consistency use less sugar but all the salt or gradually add milk to make the perfect consistency!


If anyone tries this recipe let me know how you like it. It's an easy frosting to make and it smooths well. Have a blessed weekend everyone.


Savor the Baking,



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