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Monday, January 14, 2013

Ombré Frill Cake: Part 1


I recently completed an ombré frill cake. It took me 3 days to complete from start to finish and a total of 3 hours to put all the frills on the cake and to put the gold highlights on. I am taking you through the steps that it took me to construct the cake. Cake decorating takes a lot of planning and time to make beautiful creations. I hope that you enjoy this step by step process.


The first thing that I did was take fondant and color it in a purple gradient, which is pictured above. This took about 30 minutes to do because I wanted the colors to be just right. I mixed two different gel colors to get the colors to the right shade. There will be six different shades of purple in the gradient.



Next I baked my cakes. This cake is a 6 inch cake in diameter and each cake is 3 inches tall. The cake is a chocolate cake and it is filled and iced with a crusting cream cheese frosting. The recipe for the frosting can be found by going to a previous blog post, Savor The Baking: Feature Fridays: Crusting Cream Cheese Frosting.



Next I crumb coated, iced, and smoothed the crusting cream cheese frosting. I always tape a larger cake board to the cake board underneath the cake for easy transport and less mess on my turntable. I put a thick layer of frosting on the outside because I would rather have more buttercream than I need, than not enough. I used a Wilton Bakers Blade to smooth the frosting. I like using this blade because it fits in my small hands easily.



This is what the frosting looks like almost smoothed before I used a viva paper towel to smooth it completely. This frosting smoothed very well with an offset spatula once it was at room temperature.


The process that I have shown you so far took about 3 hours. I enjoyed coloring the fondant the most and seeing the color gradient/ombré come to life.


My next post will be part 2 of the ombré frill cake process, which can be found by going to Ombré Frill Cake: Part 2 . I hope that you have enjoyed this post and that you are having a good week so far.


Savor the Baking,




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