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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ombré Frill Cake: Part 2


This is the part 2 of the ombré frill cake. For part 1 go to Savor The Baking: Ombré Frill Cake: Part 1. In this blog post I am going to focus on most of the fondant steps of decorating this cake.



In Savor The Baking: Ombré Frill Cake: Part 1 I mentioned that I colored the fondant in 6 different gradients of purple. I used Artisan Cake Company's marshmallow fondant recipe and it worked great. The marshmallow fondant recipe can be found by going to The Best Marshmallow Fondant Recipe EVER . The cake is also covered in marshmallow fondant.



Now lets get to making the frills. For each color in the gradient first I cut four inch strips of fondant and placed them in a sheet protector so they wouldn't dry out. I then placed the strips on a piece of foam and created the frills by going from the center of a strip straight down towards the edge of the strip. This process can be long and tedious, but it will be worth it in the end.



I turned the cake upside down before applying the frills so that the frills can be applied more easily and so they can dry. I started with the lighter purple and progressed to the darker purple. The process of making the frills and placing them on the cake took three hours.



When the cake was finished I waited about an hour to flip the cake the right way. I then took the end of a small paint brush to separate some of the frills a little more and to make some more movement in the frills. I then painted the tips of some of the frills with edible gold to highlight the movement of the frills.




This is the finished product. I am really happy with how this cake turned out. I wanted the overall feel to be artistic and I feel like I have achieved that. This cake took a lot of work, but the outcome was well worth it. I hope that you all have enjoyed this two part blog post.



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks so much. I had a lot of fun making this cake.

  2. OMG, I wish I could make such beautiful cakes!

    1. Thanks Yvonne. It takes a lot of practice and patience with the techniques, but it is possible.

  3. Beautiful! Fondant cakes scare me. I've made cakes with fondant accents but only 1 fondant covered cake. It wasn't bad for my first one but it's not for me. Great job!