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Friday, January 18, 2013

Feature Fridays: My Top 10 Cake Decorating Tools

I decided to show you what my top 10 cake decorating tools are because these are the tools that I use the most in cake decorating. Without these tools cake decorating would be a lot harder than it already is. These tools make cake decorating a little easier. They are my little helpers.


1. Turntable

This turntable has seamless movement when I need to turn it while cake decorating. It is sturdy and I love that I can use both sides. This turntable has a big circle and a little circle so whether your cake decorating project is big or small it is perfect. I also love that this turntable looks like granite and that it looks great in my kitchen.


2. Small Offset Spatula

Whether crumb coating or icing a cake this small offset spatula is for small hands like mine. I feel like I have better control since the handle fits nicely in my small hands and I am not overwhelmed by a large spatula. Something similar to it can be purchased by going here.


3. Sewing Measuring Tape

A sewing measuring tape is useful for measuring angles in sculpted cakes, figures, and other cake decorating projects. I like that it can go around different shapes and angles and that it is not limited to straight lines likes a ruler is.


4. Pastry Wheel

Having two sides to this pastry wheel comes in handy on a lot of cake decorating projects. The straight wheel can be used to cut fondant and gumpaste of varying lengths, while the wavy wheel can be used to make ruffles or to make a girly border on a cake. It can be purchased here.


5. Mini Sewing Kit

This mini sewing kit has a few things that can be used when you least expect it. The needles can be used to pop air bubbles in rolled fondant or gumpaste. The tweezers can be used for stamens on sugar flowers. The little buttons can even be used to imprint into fondant. A lot of creative things can be done with this kit.


6. Small Paint Brush

I keep a small paint brush to be used with Tylose glue to use on gumpaste figures and sugar flowers. It also comes in handy when decorating fondant cakes.


7. Ball Tool

A ball tool can be used for many things, including sugar flowers, borders, and figures. I like to use metal ball tools whenever possible because you don't have to worry about them sticking to fondant or gumpaste.


8. 9 inch Silicone Rolling Pin

This rolling pin can be used for rolling out gumpaste or fondant. It can even be used for drying a few sugar petals on if needed. Depending on what cake decorating project you are working on the size rings are helpful. The pink size rings roll out to 1/16 inches and the purple size rings rolls out to 1/8 inches. It can be purchased here.


9. The Mat

If you are considering getting anything in this list I would recommend this cake decorating tool. The Mat has made covering cake in fondant much easier and fuss free. There is no longer a need for cornstarch or wondering if I have the right measurements. I have THE PRO MAT , although it does come in many sizes.


10. Self Healing Cutting Mat

This is the mat that stays on my work surface. I like that it is already lined with a ruler on it and that cuts do not get on it easily. It can be purchased here.


I hope that you have enjoyed this blog post. Have a great weekend everyone. What are your top 10 cake decorating tools?


Savor the Baking,




  1. yes, yes, yes! this is a great list, chineka! i've never thought about applying tools from a sewing kit to cake decorating, but it's genius. :)

    1. Thanks Grace!!! It's funny how the littlest things do the most. :-)