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Friday, March 15, 2013

Feature Fridays: Personalized Bakers Charm



Etsy is full of handmade and customized charms for bakers, from whisks and measuring cups, to aprons there is a charm for all who love sweet confections. The bakers charm above was purchased from Charm Accents, who has a variety of charms to choose from.



The charm above is a little bigger than a quarter and I opted to get the disk in gold. I thought the kitchenaid stand mixer was so cute and I love the personalization that is on the charm. The charm was sent to me a few days after I ordered it in a cute leopard print box.



I have enjoyed wearing the charm so far. It is light and it looks great with a lof of outfits. I switched the chain that the charm came with to a 14kt gold chain that I had. I think the charm looks much richer with the chain switch.



I hope that you check out the Charmed Accents etsy shop and website. I will be ordering more charms from this seller very soon.



Savor The Baking,




  1. excellent! i think i know what i'll be getting myself for my birthday this year! :)

    1. That's great Grace. Let me know which one you get.