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Friday, October 17, 2014

How To Make a Mini Cake Stand

Mini cake stands are a cute and dainty way of displaying your favorite mini desserts. Mini cake stands are hard to find, but white ones are even harder to find. I spent a week looking in stores for one. After not much success I decided to make my own. For just $5.00 (I already had a glue gun) I made the mini cake stand above and now you will be able to with this tutorial.

Mini Cake Stand Supplies:

7.5 inch plate (Dollar General)
Small ramekin (Target)
Glue gun


1. Place the plate face down
2. Place the ramekin on top the plate right side up
3. Make a dot on the plate with a marker where the edge of the ramekin is
4. With glue gun place a couple of glue dots on the center of the back of the plate
5. With your glue gun place glue around the edges of the ramekin
6. Place ramekin right side up on the upside down plate and press for a few seconds to secure (Once dry you may have to go back and fill in the gaps with glue)
7. Let dry for an hour
8. Enjoy your mini cake stand for years to come

Here is another variation of a mini cake stand that I made. The plate has beading as the border and the ramekin has horizontal lines. What is your favorite way to display mini desserts? Have a great weekend.

Have fun with your mini cake stand. It can be used as a display or to plate your favorite dessert.

If you make a mini cake stand using this tutorial #savorthebakingtutorials on Instagram.

The recipe for the cupcake in the photo (vanilla cupcakes with chocolate cream cheese frosting) is here.

Savor The Baking,


  1. This is seriously genius, girl! I can't believe how simple. Totally doing this! PS I love that your glue gun is cheetah print ;)

    1. Thanks Allie. I'm glad that you liked this tutorial. Gotta love ally things Hobby Lobby! That's where I purchased my glue gun from.