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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Cake Decorating Workspace

My cake decorating workspace is a corner of our apartment that I turned into a place of inspiration. It all began with buying the ottoman and putting it near the window. I wanted a makeshift window seat and this works well. I can sit here for hours comfortably, while working on a current cake decorating project.

I made the cork board design above by cutting cork board squares into shapes and painting them. The cork board has things that inspire me on it such as cards given to me, quotes, and some pictures of  me with people that inspire me. My husband and I are in the middle picture.

When working, I try to keep my workspace neat. Here are just a few things that I always have out while working on a project. My self-healing cutting mat helps me out a lot. I use the built in ruler often to cut straight or angled lines with an xacto knife. The color wheel helps me find complimentary colors and color combinations.

A notebook is always kept near me just in case an idea pops into my head. I love the dress and the quote "Be Fabulous" on the cover of this notebook. Along with my xacto knife is my favorite  tool, the ball tool, which  I use all the time. It is handy in creating things like ruffles or thinning out gumpaste flower petals.

The current cake topper that I am working on is a bridal dress. Here is a close up of the bottom of the dress. The ruffles, which are made of gumpaste, are very thin and delicate. I have the cake topper placed on a piece of floral foam so I can easily move it around until completed.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post. Where is your workspace or a place that you are inspired by?


This post is in collaboration with WeWork, a company that provides work spaces and other amenities for small businesses. Click on the link to see if they have a location near you. There is even one near me in Seattle and the space looks so cozy and inviting.

Savor The Baking,


  1. the dress cake topper looks beautiful! i hope you reveal the final product. :)

    1. Thanks Grace. I will reveal the final product. It may take a while since I have to order more gumpaste.

  2. It looks like your work place is filled with beautiful light!!! A secret- I still don't know how to use an exacto knife. Every time I have to use one- it is a harrowing experience! lol!

    1. Thanks Marci. An xacto knife isn't that hard to use. Just think of it as a box cutter for Have a great weekend.